6th April 2011 & earlier

Updated Cosplay pages, updated BJD section.

16th October 2009

Working on adding a BJD Meetups Gallery. Also recreated my BJD blog under the correct subdomain here: Love Balance. [link removed as defunct]

18th September 2009

Updated Cosplay Works to reflect my planned cosplays for 2010 onwards and removed the Ayacon 2009 page as I couldn't attend.

5th July 2009

Added 3 pictures to the 2009 art gallery. Working on updating various pages soon!

16th March 2009

Added new photos to Culi and Epsilon's galleries, and updated Culi's profile photo. Also updated the cosplay list for Ayacon 2009.

10th January 2009

Created a Blog on the domain. It'll likely mostly be about what I'm up to with my BJD.
Added photos to Amecon 2006 & 2008 where possible.

30 October 2008

Just a mini update today, to add another couple of photos to Culi's profile. Cosplay photos are being sorted to be uploaded in the next update.

21 October 2008

Aaaaaand Hitori No Ballad is live!
Still some things missing from various sections (old art, cosplay photos mostly) but it's functional now.

15 October 2008

Still working on building up all of the sections before the site goes live. Some sections may be missing either older/newest content, but these will be corrected as soon as possible.

03 October 2008

After having nothing on here for over a year, I was finally poked into doing something with my domain.
So it's all Taruto's fault there's actually something here now.
Ah well. At least the layout's pretty?