Shido's Ball-joint Doll collection : Tack

Full name; Unknown (goes by the nickname Tack)
Age; Unknown
Race; Descended from Rabbits
Birthday; unknown, celebrates 20th March
Theme Colour; Green
Gender; Difficult to tell totally as he's so young, but so far prefers being referred to as a boy.

Personality; Adorable! He's very affectionate to the other children he is being raised with.

Likes; Food! Small places he can curl up and hide/sleep in.

Home world/Storyline belongs to; Olympia
Family; 'none' - Children in their world are brought up in groups rather than by their biological parents, which worked well for him as his mother rejected him soon after birth. He was the only survivor of a litter of 3.

Doll info:

Mold; Soom Hawa
Skintone; Normal
Faceup; Shido
Wig; Luts White (heavily modified)
Eyes; Luts 14mm L.G Eyes No.?
Modifications; Bunny parts blushed black&white
Arrived; 20th March 2013
Provenance; Direct from Soom.

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