Ball-joint Doll collection : Sylvian

Full name; Sylvian Kadmon Uren-Fayltae
Age; Around 14
Race; Human?
Birthday; 10th May
Theme Colour; Dark Turquoise


Likes; Eden, Salena. Dressing smart, doing tricks.
Dislikes; Lily.

Home world/Storyline belongs to; Featherfall (Alternate Timeline): Sylvian is born a year before the worlds seperate to Mil's sister Reine and Iain. After the worlds seperate he is brought up as the crown prince.
There is a legend in his father's world of two children who will inherit the ability to manipulate the universe. Sylvian is one of those children, and comes into his power as "The Watcher" when he reaches 13. Eden is the other child, "The Keeper".
Family; Mother - Reine Fayltae
Father - Iain Irinei Uren
Sister - Lily
Cousins - Arlen, Icarus, Aurelie Eden Lilim

Doll info:

Mold; Dream of Doll Too
Skintone; Normal
Faceup; Dream of Doll Custom
Wig; Luts KDW-45 For Kid Delf (Brown-Limited)
Eyes; Glib Acrylic Hazel 16mm
Modifications; Heavy body sanding to reduce yellowing & resculpted chest detail
Arrived; 13th October 2008
Provenance; Head: Direct from DOD. Body: Preowned, bought on Den of Angels.

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