Shido's Ball-joint Doll collection : Mitsukuni

Full name; Mitsukuni Haninozuka (nickname: Mitsu, Hunny)
Age; Around 5-6
Race; Human
Birthday; Celebrates 7th August (arrival date)
Theme Colour; ??

Personality; Adorable. As a small child, he gets spoilt rotten by the older members of the group, especially as he's a well-mannered child. He doesn't like getting into trouble and thus avoids it.

Likes; Sweet things, Cake, cute things, Eden, Ivory, Mil, Culi (but not all of the time)
Dislikes; People being mean, no cake

Home world/Storyline belongs to; Based on Mitsukuni Haninozuka (Hunny) from Ouran High School Host club, but as a young child.

Doll info:

Mold; Dollzone BB Jing (tiny sized - height 11in)
Skintone; Normal-Yellow
Faceup; Dollzone custom
Wig; v1: Dollzone W25-006 v2: Luts CDW-06 (Cream)
Eyes; v1: Dollmore. v2: Makoeyes IB-006 14mm
Modifications; None
Arrived; 7th August 2007
Provenance; Bought via dealer, Dollzone Spain.

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