Ball-joint Doll collection : Evan Milsae

Full name;{King} Evan Milsae Fayltae "Mil"
Age; 26
Race; Human
Birthday; Equivalent to 14th February
Theme Colour; Maroon

Personality; Gentle and loving to family and friends, can be serious when the time calls for it, flirty, narcissistic, but dedicated to his wife. A bit of a joker. Other than that, he's very laid-back.

Likes; Himself, Mirrors, being naked, loose/comfortable clothes, lazy days, large beds, Salena, building playing card structures.
Dislikes; Itchy uniforms, being away from his family, being king.

Home world/Storyline belongs to; Featherfall. In his timeline, he's in a coma. The doll version is here to tell his story - or stories - and functions as a gateway. He can access several versions of how his life played out across dimensions.
Family; Wife - Salena Lios [no doll],
Twin Sons - Arlen, Icarus
Daughter - Aurelie Eden Lilim
Sister - Reine Fayltae
Nephew - Sylvian Kadmon
Niece - Lily [no doll]

Doll info:

Mold; Dream of Doll Lahoo & Tender Lahoo
Skintone; Normal
Faceup; 1: Dream of Doll Lahoo Default, 2: by Shido
Wig; Luts Blonde, various
Eyes; v1: Soom BabyBlueEclipse 16mm. v2: Dollmore Acrylic 16mm. v3: Luts Glass 16mm L.G #9. v4: Makoeyes AM-016 14mm
Modifications; Slight sanding in the outer corner of eyes to remove airbubbles, seam sanding
Arrived; 26th September 2007
Provenance; Sephyelysian / Amet on Den of Angels

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