Ball-joint Doll collection : Ilye

Full name; Ilye Jeis
Age; 22ish
Race; Human
Birthday; Equivalent to ??


Likes; Salena, Mil, keeping to a routine, ladies.
Dislikes; sudden changes.

Home world/Storyline belongs to; Featherfall. She's training under Salena, as she's in line to inherit a Fire-based Myth and must learn control and discipline before the transfer happens. She also not-so-secretly has a huge crush on Salena.

Doll info:

Mold; Custom House Seol-Hyang
Skintone; Normal
Faceup; Shido
Wig; Dream of Doll WT-70
Eyes; Makoeyes AR-022 14mm
Modifications; Filled in an airbubble on eye rim with epoxy.
Arrived; 27th October 2009
Provenance; Head: Preowned, bought on Ebay - owner Neale also listed on Den of Angels. Body: Preowned, bought on Den of Angels.

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