Ball-joint Doll collection : Eden

Full name; Aurelie "Eden Lilim" Fayltae (nickname: Eden)
Age; Around 14-15
Race; Human?
Birthday; 3rd April (arrival date).
Theme Colour; Pale Blue & White

Personality; Eden is very sweet and gentle most of the time. When coupled with Sylvian, she's rather mischievous.

Likes; Spending time with her dad, pastel colours, Alice (her toy rabbit), Sylvian, pretty things, cosplay, making friends, looking at the sky & stars.
Dislikes; Cold, being alone.

Means of Arrival; As the Keeper, Eden creates a warp hole to go to the world where her father is. Something goes wrong which leaves her stranded here, initially without memories.
Reason/ Purpose; Eden is the central point, the reason all of the others end up here.
Memories; Eden's memories came in stages. On arrival, Eden had lost all of her memories; knowing only what she thought was her name.
Later, she remembered having a mother who loved her deeply, and a father who was mentioned often but never seen. She didn't even remember what they looked like.
Now in her true form, Eden remembers everything of her life and how she ended up here. She spends a lot of time with Mil to make up for missing him so much during childhood.
Home world/Storyline belongs to; Featherfall (Alternate Timeline): after the worlds seperated, Salena discovered she was pregnant with Eden. Mil didn't know she existed until one day Eden and Icarus reappeared at the palace.
There is a legend in her mother's world of two children who will inherit the ability to manipulate the universe. Eden is one of those children, and comes into her power as "The Keeper" when she reaches 13. Sylvian is the other child, "The Watcher".
Family; Father - Evan Milsae Fayltae,
Mother - Salena Lios,
Elder Brothers - Arlen, Icarus,
Aunt - Reine Fayltae
Cousins - Sylvian Kadmon, Lily

Doll info:

Mold; Dream of Doll Bee-A [originally on type 1 body, now on type 2]
Skintone; Normal
Faceup; 1: Peach Dream of Doll option from early 2007, 2: Shido
Wig; v1: Luts KDW-(various) (Blond) v2: Handmade
Eyes; v1: Glib Acrylic Hazel 16mm. v2: Makoeyes IB-007 14mm
Modifications; None
Arrived; 3rd April 2007
Provenance; Direct from DOD (split pair with a friend). New body: Direct from DOD.

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