Shido's Ball-joint Doll collection : Culi

Full name; Homunculus (nickname: Culi) // Human name: Mariota
Age; Chooses to look around 23. Actual age is around 500 years old.
Race; Homunculus/ Artificial life
Birthday; Created in the late 1400s, unknown date.
Theme Colour; Red

Personality; Starts off quite aloof and cold until she gets used to people. Fond of the children in the group, a leftover maternal instinct from her human life. She's very set on getting her own way.

Likes; Flowy dresses, shoes, luxury/being spoiled, solitude.
Dislikes; The other non-humans in the group.

Home world/Storyline belongs to; Untitled alchemist story

Doll info:

Mold; Luts/ CP Delf Nanuri 2007 Limited
Skintone; Normal
Faceup; Currently by Yukihotaru
Wig; v1: Luts DW-173 (Lavender) v2: Luts SDW-33 (Lilac)
Eyes; v1: Dollmore Acrylic H08 16mm v2: Makoeyes OWL-011 16mm
Modifications; Opened eyes
Arrived; 16th August 2007
Provenance; Direct from Luts.

Photo Gallery

Boy version Culi
After Yukihotaru tried a more natural faceup style, we figured Culi looked better as a boy and so we took photos for that time.