Ball-joint Doll collection : Arlen Fayltae

Full name; Arlen Fayltae
Age; 16-17
Race; Human
Theme Colour;



Home world/Storyline belongs to; Featherfall. He becomes separated from the rest of the family when he is young - leading him into an incident which traumatises him, leaves him near-blind and alone. He learns to cope with the pain as he grows older.
Family; Father - Evan Milsae Fayltae,
Mother - Salena Lios [no doll],
Twin Brother - Icarus,
Younger Sister - Aurelie Eden Lilim
Cousin - Sylvian Kadmon
Cousin - Lily [no doll]
Adoptive Mother - Anna [no doll]
Adoptive Sister - Kera? [no doll]

Doll info:

Mold; Dream of Doll Mr.P1 Limited
Skintone; Normal
Faceup; Default
Wig; Crobidoll CRWL-118 (light black)
Eyes; v1:Red glitter urethane v2: Makoeyes OZ-022 14mm.
Modifications; None
Arrived; 18th February 2015
Provenance; Preowned, bought on Den of Angels.

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