Ball-joint Doll collection

The dolls in my possession function as if they are mostly from different universes and are here for various reasons relating to their characters. Each named doll belongs to one of my many storylines, or their arrival created one. For the way the dolls work here, just because they are from the same storyline does not mean they are from the same universe.

Click the image to see information on each Doll; Dolls with names also have character information on their profiles.

A Timeline / Explanation of how the dolls link is in progress!

Recent photos of dolls & meets can be found on my Insta @takaidoru

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MSD size:

Tiny size:

Dream of Doll A&D | Dream of Doll Camine | Dream of Doll E-An
Dream of Doll T.Bee-A | Dream of Doll T.Lahoo

Doll wishlist:

Crobidoll Nia | Crobidoll Ys
Iplehouse Leonard | Iplehouse Rexy
Basically every Dream of Doll ever made

Sold Dolls: List here