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AMVs: 2008

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#1: Gravitation - Shuichi's Never Gonna...

Created & Edited by: Shido
No snazzy logo on this one, I'm afraid. I'd been considering making this video for a few months before it was actually requested as an addition to the Amecon AMV disco lineup, and so I couldn't resist.
...It just works so well!

#2: Eyeshield 21 : Larger Than Life

Original Concept: Taruto!
Editing: Shido
Cleanup & Logo: Taruto!
The idea of this came about as a bit of a joke - a friend of ours, Hitachiin, is massively into Eyeshield 21, and so after Taruto suggested the combination we knew we had to complete the video entirely in secret and air it at Amecon 2008... purely to see her reaction to it.
Considering it turned out to be a semi-serious character AMV... it still had a great reaction ;)
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