About Hitori / Kotoba-de.com

Hitori / Hitori No Ballad

"Hitori" can mean either "Alone" or "Single Person";
"Hitori No Ballad", loosely translated, means "Ballad of a lone person".

I'd always planned to have my own collective called Hitori, when I finally got round to actually working on it. After all, the site is about and run by only one person.
I also liked Hitori as a match to the meaning of Kotoba De, in that the site meshed nicely to be the words of that single person.

Hitori No Ballad came about after I'd decided to use Momo from Shinigami No Ballad in the layout - I thought it would sound and look more fitting than the single Hitori title.
I'm pretty sure I made the right choice there, as I love the way it looks.


Loosely translated, "Kotoba De" means "Words".

I can't remember precisely when I said it, but at some point around 2002 I expressed a wish to own a domain name - Kotoba-de.com - due to my love of Gundam Wing, specifically because of Heero's image song "Ore Dake No Kotoba De" / "In My Words Alone".
In July 2004, I finally bought the domain.

Originally, Kotoba-de.com was hosted by Provider-One. Although I was happy with their service, due to hosting my own Fullmetal Alchemist fansite (Innocent Sinner), I went horrendously over my bandwidth and so decided to change webhost to Lunarpages where I've stayed since.